In 2010, thanks to support from the Conservation Leadership Programme and the United States Forest Service, we took the initial steps to establish the Mangrove Alliance.  That same year we also received a huge boost from the MacArthur Foundation for continued development and to put mangrove conservation actions in place at priority sites (i.e. Important Bird Areas) in the insular Caribbean through the three-year project Conserving Caribbean mangroves in the face of a changing world.

As part of this project we launched a Small Grants Programme (SGP) in 2011. Here is a brief description of where we are working and what we are doing.

Dominican Republic
The Neotropical Mangrove Conservation Alliance awarded its first small grant to Grupo Jaragua (BirdLife in the Dominican Republic) to catalyze community-based mangrove conservation in the insular Caribbean. The Mangroves of Laguna de Oviedo site project is up and running and aims to improve the conservation of mangrove ecosystems in Jaragua National Park Important Bird Area. Learn more » and more »

Photo: Grupo Jaragua

Windsor Research Centre (BirdLife project Partner in Jamaica) engages the people of Jamaica in the protection and conservation of the Coral Spring-Mountain Spring Protected Area (CSMSPA) by raising awareness about this site and determining the economic value local and national stakeholders place in its conservation. Learn more »

Photo: Windsor Research Centre

Puerto Rico
Sociedad Ornitológica Puertorriqueña, Inc.  (SOPI – BirdLife in Puerto Rico) documents the past and current distribution of the mangrove footprint in Caño Tiburones Important Bird Area, through research and local knowledge and involves local environmental groups, students, the adjacent community and general public. Learn more »

Photo: SOPI

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