Our Mission
The Mangrove Alliance works to conserve Neotropical mangrove ecosystems through the actions of a coordinated, dynamic network of local, national and international organizations and agencies, dedicated to the conservation and sustainable management of mangrove ecosystems, in order to maintain their functions and the valuable services they provide, for the benefit of biodiversity and people.

Photo: Ricardo Briones

Our Vision
We see the diverse mangrove ecosystems of the Neotropics valued by society, and conserved and managed to ensure sustainable benefits for all.

Our Approach
To reduce continued loss of mangroves, the Mangrove Alliance promotes networking and collaborative actions between BirdLife International and other organizations, groups and individuals who share common objectives in the conservation and sustainable management of Neotropical mangrove ecosystems.

We work to develop a dynamic, collaborative network of key players, to facilitate knowledge and experience-sharing, promote collective learning and capacity-building, raise awareness, advocate for mangrove protection, implement on-the-ground actions at Important Bird Areas , and pool resources for long-term mangrove conservation – for both biodiversity and people.

We are true to BirdLife International´s unique way of working through partner organisations who represent a unique geographic territory. Therefore, we prioritize conservation and/or sustainable management actions at IBAs that contain or embrace mangroves in countries and territories in the Americas where a BirdLife Partner is involved.

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