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Photo: Gianmaria Pisino

BirdLife International is a global Partnership of conservation organisations that strives to conserve birds, their habitats and global biodiversity, working with people towards sustainability in the use of natural resources.


Manglares de la laguna de OviedoLaguna de Oviedo’s community mangroves
Grupo Jaragua has just successfully finished their 18-month site-project entitled Mangroves in Laguna de Oviedo: conservation status and reforestation in areas used by local communities. [August 23, 2013]

Manglares de la laguna de OviedoManglares de la laguna de Oviedo
Grupo Jaragua finalizó exitosamente su proyecto focal de 18 meses de duración titulado Manglares de la laguna de Oviedo: estado de conservación y reforestación en áreas de uso por las comunidades locales. [Agosto 23, 2013]

Mangrove Management for the Queen Conch
The Conch Restoration Project in Lac Bay, Bonaire, was part of a three-year, IUCN awarded initiative funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, called “What if We Change”, which aimed to demonstrate ecosystem restoration in action around the world. [August 02, 2013]

Mangroves could survive sea-level rise if protected
Human activity is currently a bigger threat to mangroves, and the natural defences they provide against storm surges and other coastal disasters, than rising sea levels, according to a new study.
[July 31, 2013]

Mangroves can cope with sea level rise by increasing soil height
A new report shows that mangroves can adapt to rising sea levels by building up soils in some locations, allaying fears that mangroves may be lost as sea levels rise. This is important because mangroves provide risk reduction services against coastal hazards such as waves and storm surges. [July 30, 2013]




26 July
World Mangrove Day

SCSCB Meeting_201327-31 July
19th Regional Meeting of the SCSCB

SMBC_201316 September
XVII Congress of the Mesoamerican Conservation Biology Society

WHSG_201317-21 September
5th Western Hemisphere Shorebird Group Meeting

Panama Audubon Society_117 September
International Coastal Cleanup Day

World Bird Festival and International Migratory Bird Day

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