Short term Consultancy - Supporting BirdLife work on EU Agriculture and Bioenergy policy

Application deadline: Sunday, 2. March 2014 - 12:00

Supporting BirdLife work on EU Agriculture and Bioenergy policy



BirdLife is deeply engaged in debates over the EU Common Agriculture Policy and EU bioenergy policies. Background is available on the webpages:


Consultancy objectives

We are looking for a consultant that could support the work of BirdLife Partners on EU agriculture and bioenergy policy during the planned absence of our Senior EU Agriculture and Bioenergy Policy Officer in the period May 1st to August 31st 2014. The consultant would be working in tight coordination with the Brussels based Policy team of BirdLife Europe and with BirdLife partner organisations across the EU.


Consultant commitments:

We are looking for 60 days of work over the 4 months period.  Work will be distributed approximately in the following way:

20 days- following implementation of the CAP reform

15 days- supporting governance, cooperation between partners and development of strategy and positions on agriculture

20 days- advocacy on bioenergy

5 days- other issues

The work can be performed remotely and we would not expect the consultant to travel to Brussels, though availability to do so is a plus. The consultant would need to be fully available by phone and by e-mail for the entire period and must be available to deliver work on the days previously agreed upon.



BirdLife calls for prospective consultants to table their candidatures, through a simple e-mail to by March 2nd 2014

It should include:

  • Proposed daily rate for the consultancy, including all charges, expenses and taxes;
  • Competence/experience of the person who would actually be providing the service;
  • CV;
  • Commitment to pursue the above mentioned objectives for the duration of the project ;
  • Flexibility/limits in deployment of the 60 days of commitment over the period