Programmes Development Officer, MSB Project [Association Djibouti Nature (ADN)]

Application deadline: Thursday, 8. May 2014 - 9:30

Programmes Development Officer, MSB Project

Position summary
The Programmes Development Officer, hereafter, referred to as “The Officer” is a full time job at Association Djibouti Nature (ADN). The overall objective is to support the capacity growth of ADN, both institutionally and programmatically. Specifically, The Officer will ensure that ADN effectively delivers the mainstreaming of conservation of migratory soaring birds (MSBs) into the key productive sectors in Djibouti that pose most significant threats to MSBs. The mainstreaming work is part of a regional GEF-UNDP funded programme and requires credible and effective organisations to implement. ADN is the partner implementing this project in Djibouti.

Contract duration
The contract period for the job holder is one full year (12 months). There will be a 3-month probation period after which a joint evaluation by ADN & RFF/BirdLife International will be conducted before full contractual engagement is considered.

Specific duties & responsibilities:
Implementation of programmes and projects
It is through implementation of programmes and projects that ADN will be able to carried out her mandate in nature conservation in Djibouti. By successfully implementing existing projects/programmes and developing fundable initiatives that supports ADN to achieve her institutional objectives, it will be possible for ADN to be a dependable partner in conservation work both at the national and across her borders.  Thus, The Officer:
1) will be the contact person with regard to implementation by ADN of specific duties related to the MSB project. Thus, The Officer will:
a. Support and lead in capacity building efforts as envisaged by the MSB project
b. Support and lead in completing the preparatory actions required from ADN to be able to undertake actual mainstreaming. Particularly, support the fulfillment of the two sector priority reports contracts between ADN and the MSB project.
c.  Support ADN in realization of her capacity development road map which was developed through the MSB project
d. Support and lead in mainstreaming of conservation of migratory souring birds within the productive sectors identified in Djibouti as envisaged by the MSB project
e. Support successful marking of World Migratory Birds Day celebrations, 2014  within the framework of the MSB project
f. Coordinate bird data gathering process with the regional MSB flyway officer & the BirdLife International Science Department to feed in the Sensitivity Map Tool developed by the MSB project
g. Take lead to promote the Sensitivity Map Tool and other tools developed through the MSB project within the relevant stakeholders at the different sectors (e.g. government agencies, private developments etc.)

2) will be the liaison staff for ADN on technical matters with BirdLife International, NABU, other donors and RFF/MSB project
3) will take part in implementation of any other project or programme as directed or advised by the ADN president.

Communication is very important element in institutional operations. This is especially the case when ADN is required to build its profile and maintain its relevance on national, regional and international fora. A good communication strategy and infrastructure also ensures that information exchange, which is important to the growth of ADN and the programmatic operations is done with utmost efficiency. Given that Djibouti is mainly French speaking and that The Officer will need to work in an environment where the majority of players are English speaking, the job holder will require excellent command of English and French.
Thus, The Officer will:
4) Support development & implementation of relevant targeted communication strategies for ADN
5) Work to fulfill specific communications relating to programmatic/project requirements including those of the MSB project
6) Generate articles to contribute to ADN publicity material, BirdLife International and RFF

Organizational Management
The Officer will be the senior-most employee of ADN and hence will oversee the day to day operations of the organisation, with policy and strategic guidance from the AND Council and President.
1. Ensure sound governance of ADN in terms of human resources, financial and administrative management and the organisation’s adherence to Djiboutian labour laws and practices
2. Take responsibility for the day to day management of ADN staff and create an effective working atmosphere for the successful delivery of existing projects. This includes workplans, regular one to one meetings, annual appraisals and weekly staff meetings.
3. Through the president, keep the ADN Board/Council fully informed about the progress in delivery of projects and institutional performance in general through the provision of regular reports.
4. Support ADN in expanding her membership base and encourage their engagement in supporting ADN to achieve its objectives.
5. Be the focal point for the next capacity development efforts for ADN as provided by various well-wishers and partners  

• Provide leadership to secure resources for addressing conservation challenges in Djibouti through development of fundable projects and programmes in line with ADN Strategy
• Develop workable resource mobilization strategies towards widening the resource base for ADN
• Work to maintain and improve donor/sponsor-ADN relations and seek to attract more donors.

Financial Management
• Supervise the Administration/Finance Officer to ensure that ADN finances are professionally managed at all times.
• Ensure that financial reports are properly maintained so as to facilitate independent audits as and when required

Person specification
Ideally the Programmes Development Officer should possess the following:

1) Skills
Proven skills in:
• Leadership
• Strategic management
• Communication
• Fundraising
• Project Development and Management
• Institutional management

The incumbent should be:
• self-motivated and self-driven 
• proficient in English and French languages
• conversant with environmental issues in Djibouti
• conversant with Djiboutian environmental policy, legal and institutional structures
• conversant with NGO Governance and operations
• have at least 6-year  experience in conservation work

2) Qualifications
• MSc or equivalent in an Environmental/Community development  subject