Migratory Birds & Flyways Projects

The arid zones of the Sahel Photo: Danae Sheehan
Living on the Edge: improving migratory bird habitats and livelihoods in the Sahel Project 19 September 2013
Around the world, many migratory bird species are sharply declining in numbers, and these declines are indicative of the threats facing the wider environment.
Migratory Soaring Birds Project 10 June 2013
The Red Sea/Rift valley hosts the migration of over 2 million birds through the region, with Soaring Birds in huge flocks numbering tens of thousands migrating from wintering grounds in Africa to breeding grounds in Europe and Central Asia and vice versa along the second biggest Flyway in the world.
Double-banded Plover © Agami Photo Agency / Shutterstock
Double trouble for the Double-banded Plover News 9 March 2021
A south Pacific shorebird with a very unusual migration pattern, the Double-banded Plover faces different threats whichever route it chooses.
Great Knots (Endangered) and Bar-tailed Godwits (Near Threatened) feed here © Jens Eriksen
Irreplaceable: Barr Al Hikman, Arabian peninsula shorebird haven News 2 February 2021
Barr Al Hikman in Oman is a vital rest stop for more than half a million birds, boasting some of the highest shorebird densities of any intertidal mudflat. The formal protection of this site would therefore secure a crucial, truly irreplaceable, hub for migratory birds.
© Laurentiuss / Shutterstock
Crucial Steps towards Bird-safe Energy Infrastructure in Ethiopia News 18 December 2020
Under the National Electrification Program, Ethiopia will build thousands of new power lines in the next five years, which could have a terrible impact on birds. We are fighting hard to ensure the use of bird-safe poles design... and we can already celebrate several successes!
The Common Ringed Plover weights only 64 grams, but migrates thousands of kilometres © Zeynel Cebeci
Introducing our new Spring Alive species: the Common Ringed Plover News 7 September 2020
As birds migrate from Europe to their wintering grounds in Africa, we explore the fascinating behaviour of the Common Ringed Plover, a small but feisty wader familiar across Africa’s wetlands.
Great Indian Bustard © Nayan Khanolkar
Great Indian Bustard gets new level of protection News 2 June 2020
For the world’s heaviest flying bird, the modern landscape poses many threats and dangers. Fortunately, early this year, major landmarks decided at the Convention on Migratory Species secured greater protection for the species, both on land and in the air.
50% of the world's Spoon-Billed Sandpipers (Critically Endangered) overwinter here © Yann Muzika
Myanmar shorebirds get four-fold expansion in protected wetland News 3 April 2020
One of Asia’s most important shorebird sanctuaries has just quadrupled in size thanks to years of advocacy from our Myanmar Partner. Here's how they connected insight with action to help birds on the brink and the people who live alongside them.
A global map of animal migrations
How we’re connecting the dots at the Convention on Migratory Species News 13 February 2020
This month, BirdLife is attending a major global conference uniting governments, NGOs and scientists to advance the protection of migratory species. Find out how this powerful collaboration works, and BirdLife’s aims this year.
© zilkovec / Shutterstock
Making Japan’s expanding renewable energy sector bird-safe News 18 December 2019
Like many countries, Japan is making great strides in renewable energy – but at what cost? BirdLife supports sustainable energy sources – but it’s important to locate structures like wind farms out of harm’s way. Read how our Japanese Partner is using science and advocacy to change national decisions.
Far Eastern Curlew (Endangered) resting on a floating roost © D. R. Weller Photography
South Korea’s artificial floating roosts: a lifeline for migratory shorebirds News 15 October 2019
Sea-level rise is keeping exhausted migratory shorebirds flying round and round like aeroplanes in holding patterns, with nowhere to land and rest. The solution: artificial roosts fashioned from oyster bags…
Cerulean Warbler © Ray Hennessy / Shutterstock
A glimmer of hope for the Cerulean Warbler? News 10 October 2019
A globally threatened bird with habitats shrinking at both ends of its migration route, the Cerulean Warbler’s population plummeted by 70% in 44 years. Now, its decline is slowing down – but why? We have a few theories…