Wandering albatross on South Georgia
Living with albatross: Bird Island human stars – Part Two News 30 March 2020
We continue our conversation with Alex Dodds, one of British Antarctic Survey’s albatross field assistants based on the frontline of albatross conservation, Bird Island in South Georgia. You can read part one here, where Alex explained what it was like sharing your neighbourhood with albatrosses, penguins and seals!
Juvenile Wandering Albatross wearing tracking device on Bird Island, South Georgia © Alex Dodds
New study: are teen seabirds safe? News 5 February 2020
Seabirds have an exploratory adolescent phase, often looking for food in ocean areas quite different to breeding adults. A new collaborative BirdLife study warns that current seabird protection measures should not neglect such crucial stages of seabird development.
Aves Argentinas staff demonstrate bird-safe measures to fishermen © Albatross Task Force
Albatross Task Force in the Americas: working with fishers to design solutions News 29 January 2020
BirdLife's Albatross Task Force works with fishing crews on board their ships to introduce seabird-saving measures in focal countries. Here's an update of the programme's successes in the Americas.
Albatross researcher on Bird Island
Living with albatrosses: Bird Island human stars- Part one News 18 December 2019
If you have been following along with #AlbatrossStories and watching the nest cams of Greta, you will have seen the extreme changeability of sub-Antarctic weather. We spoke with Alex Dodds, of British Antarctic Survey, living and working on Bird Island, to get her story about living with albatross.
It’s not all plain sailing for seabirds, but with some help it can be News 7 June 2019
As we celebrate World Environment Day and World Ocean Day with #AlbatrossStories, we’re taking a look at a conservation tale of terrible decline, but one which we have the power to give a happy ending.
News from Bird Island – Bobby has Fledged! News 30 May 2019
An incredible milestone for one of our #AlbatrossStories chicks.
Wandering Albatross © Derren Fox
#AlbatrossStories: Behind the lens with extreme photographer Derren Fox News 14 May 2019
We caught researcher and #AlbatrossStories photographer Derren Fox for an exclusive interview. Derren has spent over four years on Bird Island. As he leaves this sub-Antarctic wonderland for the second time, he reflects on his photography journey, what it’s like living alongside charismatic and magnificent albatross, and why campaigns like #AlbatrossStories are needed more than ever.
Help name our albatross stars! News 22 February 2019
This year the Albatross Task Force is following four albatross stars from Bird Island, South Georgia. We need to come up with names for them by March 19th. Can you help us?