Archived 2010-2011 topics: Caatinga Antwren (Herpsilochmus sellowi): downlist to Least Concern?

Caatinga Antwren Herpsilochmus sellowi occurs in interior north-east Brazil, being recorded from Barra do Corda in central Maranhão, Serra do Cachimbo in south Pará, Chapada de Araripe and Várzea Formosa in Ceará, and several localities in central and south Bahia and north Minas Gerais. It is listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List because it was thought to have a restricted range that approaches the threshold for listing as Vulnerable (<20,000 km2) combined with severely fragmented habitat or occurrence at approximately ten or fewer locations and a continuing decline in its habitat, population size or number of locations/sub-populations.

However, this species has been mapped by Natureserve/BirdLife International as having an estimated Extent of Occurrence (EOO) of 996,000 km2, hence it does not appear to approach the IUCN thresholds and appears to warrant downlisting to Least Concern. However, if the species has experienced declines over the past three generations (14 years, BirdLife International unpubl. data) approaching 30% it may warrant listing as Near Threatened under the A criterion (population declines). Given its relatively large range size it seems unlikely that this species will have a population approaching 10,000 mature individuals so it would not qualify as threatened or Near Threatened on population size under the C criterion.

Comments on the population trends of this species and its proposed downlisting are welcomed.

(This discussion was started as part of the 2010 Red List update)

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One Response to Archived 2010-2011 topics: Caatinga Antwren (Herpsilochmus sellowi): downlist to Least Concern?

  1. Ciro Albano says:

    Agree; widespread in Caatinga being very common in several areas. Occurs even in secondary habitats and the real distribution is bigger than previous estimated.

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