Sustainable fisheries


    BirdLife Europe is actively seeking to tackle loss of marine habitats and biodiversity by raising awareness at a range of political and societal levels, and especially among fishermen. Our teams collect data on the ground to inform the fishermen themselves, as well as the scientific community, citizens and decision-makers.

    We also engage at a high political level in EU, national and international fisheries policy to promote and ensure more environmentally sustainable fisheries.  We thus work with EU policy in Brussels and the Member States, e.g. the Common Fisheries Policy and ensure that it delivers an ecosystem-based approach to fisheries management.

    In relation to fisheries impacts at a site-based level, we also engage with the management of key marine biodiversity sites (IBAs and SPAs)  to ensure that fishing activity contributes to the improvement of their conservation status.

    BirdLife Europe Partners also work closely with fisheries communities, supporting the creation of Locally Managed Marine Areas (LMMAs) where local communities actively protect and manage their marine resources.

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