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  • Transforming Approaches To Rural Land Management

    From 2015-2018, BirdLife is involved in the research project PEGASUS (Public Ecosystem Goods and Services from land management – Unlocking the Synergies). The project, involving 14 partners in 10 countries, will be using the concepts of public goods and ecosystem services to find new ways of thinking about how farmland and forests are managed.

    We will work in an active way by performing around 30 case studies that will play a role in stimulating long lasting improvements in the delivery of social, economic and environmental benefits from EU agricultural and forest land in policy and in practice.

    For more information please go to the PEGASUS website: http://pegasus.ieep.eu/, sign up to the newsletter by contacting pegasus@ieep.eu or follow on Twitter (@PEGASUS_eu) or LinkedIn (pegasuseu).

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