Seabirds and Marine

What are seabirds?

Adapted to the marine environment, seabirds spend most of their lives feeding at sea or by the coast. They can be found from the Arctic to the Antarctic. There are 82 species of seabirds in Europe.

Why help them?

Imagine the ocean. What do you see? What do you hear? Would it not feel empty without seabirds? Seabirds are not just part of the scenery, they are an integral part of the ocean ecosystem.

Unfortunately, seabirds are one of the most threatened groups of birds in the world. In Europe, the BirdLife partnership focuses its work around two main streams:

  1. Getting marine protected areas for seabirds designated and management implemented
  2. Minimising the impact of fisheries to seabirds

In order to achieve this, we work with many people, including governments to change policies, fishermen to improve their work, scientists to support their data and students to increase their knowledge.

Marine Protected Areas

Minimising seabird bycatch

What BirdLife partners are doing to save seabirds


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