Europe and Central Asia


The Caucasus – one of only two regions in Europe classified as a ‘Biodiversity Hotspot’ – has long fascinated birders and conservationists. Its complex, mountainous geography gives rise to a staggering diversity of landscapes, ecosystems and cultures. Within a mere 800 km stretch, one can travel from the arid deserts on the Caspian shore to the lush, subtropical rainforests on the Black Sea coast. The region is home to several charismatic endemic birds, breeding on the highest mountain ranges. It is also a migration corridor for the enormous bird populations breeding in Russia and Kazakhstan. Raptors, in particular, concentrate in huge numbers at famous observation points like Batumi.

However, this wild, exotic corner of Europe is under threat: the illegal killing of birds has a huge impact on migratory populations and has already driven several to the brink of extinction. Infrastructure development, without proper mitigation efforts, negatively affects Important Bird and Biodiversity Areas (IBAs). Together with our partners in the region, we work hard to protect these habitats and the amazing wildlife they are home to.






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