European Parliament 2014 - 2019

An environmental call to action for the Members of the European Parliament

A clear and popular role for Europe

The numerous challenges Europe faces appear divergent, but many economic and social problems are closely linked to the environment. Often at their root is the unsustainable way in which we use our finite natural resources - within Europe and beyond.

A Parliament ensuring environmental leadership

Europe has been leading the world in environmental ambition. Members of the European Parliament –MEPs– have been foremost in turning that ambition into policy. The EU risks losing this leadership role, through sacrificing long-term environmental sustainability for unsustainable short-term economic gain. The planetary crisis we are experiencing today requires consistent action in all fields of European policy. Evidence shows that Europe’s citizens support a strong role for the European Union on the environment, and that they seek leadership and change.

We are using double the planet’s available resources. Across the globe millions of livelihoods are threatened by the collapse of ecosystems and the loss in diversity of life, or ‘biodiversity’. This ecological crisis is increasingly fuelling conflicts on land, water and other resources.  The EU is likely to miss its 2020 target to stop the loss and start the restoration of biodiversity if action is not taken now.

MEPs are uniquely placed to lay out a European vision for a green, low carbon economy that safeguards and restores its natural heritage. This will provide society with the services we depend upon and the protection we need in times of climate change.

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