Engaging with industry for environmentally sensitive renewables and energy infrastructure

  • European Grid Report handed over to Commisioners Oettinger and Potocnik, RGI Conference, 5 December 2012.

    Switching to renewable energy, along with reducing energy demand and using energy more efficiently, is at the heart of the response needed. BirdLife Europe supports large scale, rapid deployment of renewables and associated power lines. However, these technologies can have impacts on nature and the environment if they are badly planned and sited. We work with industry, other NGOs and experts to find and promote solutions for sustainable deployment to ensure investments combat climate change and also protect biodiversity and the environment. For example, in 2011 we produced “Meeting Europe's Renewable Energy Targets in Harmony with Nature”, which was warmly welcomed by policy makers and renewables industries.

    We are partners in the Renewables Grid Initiative (RGI), which brings together green NGOs and grid operators to promote modernisation of transmission capacity in Europe. This is needed to enable renewables deployment. BirdLife Europe helped develop the European Grid Declaration, which brings together a strong and diverse group of NGOs and grid operators on a set of principles to guide nature conservation and public participation. At its launch event, the Declaration was presented to Commissioners Günther H. Oettinger (Energy) and Janez Potočnik (Environment). We have also produced a joint declaration on ways to reduce the incidence of bird mortality due to electrocution on power lines.

    RGI promotes the expansion of distributed and bulk renewable energy generation and transmission capacity in Europe. To reach this target, the initiative brings together non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and transmission system operators (TSOs).

    BirdLife Europe's Ariel Brunner at the most recent RGI Conference

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