Working with corporates

  • BirdLife Europe believes in a future where the world's pressing development needs are met sustainably. BirdLife Europe enters into relationships with corporations in order to find constructive solutions without compromising best environmental practice.

    As the world’s leading authority on birds and nature conservation, and the largest global Partnership of local to global NGOs, BirdLife works with corporations to meet their biodiversity targets, while making a lasting impact for nature conservation.

    Successful collaboration between environmental organisations and corporations integrate the values of nature conservation into business strategies and local operations.

    BirdLife has long standing relationships with a number of international corporations and assist them in meeting the environmental targets and find solutions to the complex environmental challenges they face today.

    • We work with Corporations to

      • Assist in adding real value to the corporate social and environmental responsibility plans
      • Transform the way corporations interact with their supply chains to improve the sustainable extraction of key global commodities
      • Promoting environmental awareness and responsible environmental practice across industrial sectors and among the managers who lead them
      • Provide assessment and monitoring of biodiversity practices
      • Assist in assessments of risks and opportunities
      • Build relationships on a local to global level between production sites and our Partners


    • Why work with BirdLife Europe

      Through our Partnership of national conservation organisations in 48 countries BirdLife Europe delivers long-term solutions for the benefit of nature and people. We use evidence-based science to inform our conservation actions on the ground and to influence the policy and decision making of governments and business leaders.

      Examples of collaboration with corporations:


  • Corporate Partnerships





    BirdLife Europe and Cemex joint statement on EU's Nature Conservation Policy (May 2014)

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