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BirdLife International is the world’s largest nature conservation partnership, bringing together over 120 local organizations around the world to conserve birds for the benefit of nature and people. Building alliances and partnerships is at the heart of our work. We have long engaged with leading companies in the private sector, such as HeidelbergCement, to promote responsible environmental practices so that we can address together their impact on biodiversity and attain sustainable use of natural resources.
Over the six years of our partnership with HeidelbergCement, we have contributed to the conservation of biodiversity through good management of quarries, their restoration and the opportunities they offer to species and habitats. Our joint work, which sets an example for others, explores new ways of attaining environmental sustainability by involving the private sector as a key stakeholder in the delivery of sustainable development and economic growth.
At BirdLife International we are proud of the achievements we’ve had working with HeidelbergCement and continue to commit our core strengths: scientific credibility, our unique approach of local action for global impact, and our ethos of working in partnership to achieve environmental sustainability.
Click below to read some of our latest publications highlighting our achievements and work with HeidelbergCement:
You can also consult HeidelbergCement's publications page to read all their other publications, such as financial reports and presentations, company brochure, and sustainability reports.





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