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  • By working together at international and local levels HeidelbergCement Group and the BirdLife Partnership aim to improve further the biodiversity protection and restoration standards at minings sites. A key tool to achieve this is a joint Biodiversity Conservation Programme (BCP) elaborated jointly and approved by the company for implementation at its operational sites. The Programme includes:

    • A prioritisation of the 425 mining sites of HeidelbergCement in Europe and Central Asia in relation to their biodiversity value. On the basis of a special study we identified sites of special interest for target species and habitats. Actions to promote biodiversity are gradually being integrated into the standard operational practices through Biodiversity Management Plans. Where necessary and feasible, local and national conservation projects will be jointly implemented to boost these actions.

    • By the third year of the partnership, 16 targeted projects were developed through local cooperation but in line with the European biodiversity objectives. The local management of the HeidelbergCement sites was involved, together with national BirdLife Partners, to design, implement and monitor the projects.

    • Given its success in Europe we are now evaluating the possibilities to replicate the programme on other continents.

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