Uzbekistan Society for the Protection of Birds (UzSPB)

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in: 2007
Members: 200
Staff: 5
Address: Off. 501, Institute of Gene Pool of Plants & Animals of Academy of Science, 32-Durmon-yuli Street, Tashkent, UZ, 100125
Tel/Fax: Tel.+Fax +998 71 2271402
Email: roman.kashkarov@iba.uz
Web: www.uzspb.uz

Mission of the organisation

Conservation of birds as indicators of environment, conservation of bird habitats and other elements of biodiversity with development of conservation initiatives, close cooperation with state, non-governmental and local organizations. We support increase of numbers of professional ornithologists and conservation specialists

Key Activities

  • To propose and prepare the documentation for new protected areas based on the outcomes of the IBA inventory for Uzbekistan
  • To develop and implement an IBA monitoring programme
  • To improve the conservation status of priority IBAs through the development of Site Management Plans (in the case of Protected Areas) and Site Action Plans (for currently unprotected sites)
  • To conduct research of rare and globally threatened bird species and develop plans and strategies for their conservation
  • To inform people, scientific community and decision-making persons about problems of key species and key conservation issues, and about UzSPB and their activities
  • To develop and widen the UzSPB network to promote representation among the country’s key conservation area

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