Europe and Central Asia

Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Birds (USPB)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1994
450 members
Staff: 7
PO Box 33, Kyiv, UA, 01003
Tel. +380 44 284 71 31, +380 44 284 90 63; Fax +380 44 284 71 31

Mission of the organisation

To conserve the biodiversity of Ukraine by saving birds, sites and biotopes.

Key Activities

  • Study and preservation of birds, their natural habitats, rehabilitation of deteriorated habitats
  • Developing the network of coordinators and caretakers to monitor Important Bird Areas and conduct other activities
  • Advocating and assisting in the establishment and supervision of reserves within areas important for one or several threatened bird species
  • Cooperating with governmental agencies to improve environmental legislation and its implementation
  • Organising conferences, meetings, discussions, lectures, contests, exhibitions, courses, field trips and other events to promote ornithological and environmental ideas
  • Organising and promoting ecotourism activities
  • Publications about birds, nature, sustainable use of natural resources
  • Establishing regional branches, maintaining membership base
  • Soliciting volunteers for practical work
  • Working closely with teachers in an effort to engage students
  • Emphasising the importance of membership
  • Carrying out assessment of the impact of wind farm developments on ornithological interests

Recent Achievements

  • Since 1996 USPB has implemented the Important Bird Area program in 26 regions of Ukraine
  • 466 territories were examined, 176 of which met international IBA criteria and have been included in BirdLife's IBA World Bird Database
  • Published a book - Important Bird Areas of Ukraine
  • Established a network of ІВА coordinators and ІВА caretakers who successfully perform monitoring and site conservation actions
  • Issued an annual national report on the state of ІBAs
  • Recommended that 103 IBAs be granted official environmental status as Protected Areas
  • Existing threats have been minimised at 12 IBAs and ecological conditions have been improved at 7 ІВАs after performing environmental conservation actions
  • Conditions within one site after conducting site conservation action were improved to such an extent that now it meets ІВА criteria
  • Recommended all IBAs to be included in the National Ecological Network
  • Initiated large-scale educational, environmental conservation campaigns at 126 IBAs targeting diverse public groups
  • Issued national action plans regarding the protection of 17 Globally Threatened Bird species, the first publication of its kind in Ukraine
  • Coordinated research on populations and developed recommendations regarding protection of Slender-Billed Curlew, Imperial Eagle, Great Bustard, Little Bustard, Red-Breasted Goose, Corncrake and Aquatic Warbler
  • Three bird species - Little Bustard, Great Bustard and Corncrake - have been excluded from the list of game species in Ukraine
  • Published a field guide, Birds of the Fauna of Ukraine
  • USPB is the only non-governmental public organisation in Ukraine that has a national membership network
  • Almost 26,000 people annually participate in the educational campaigns of USPB


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