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Founded in 1954
12000 members
Staff: 80
Melquiades Biencinto, Madrid, ES, 28053
Tel. +34 914340910; Fax +34 914340911

Mission of the Organisation

SEO/BirdLife has been working on the conservation of birds and their habitats, since it was founded in 1954, conducting scientific studies, disseminating knowledge, performing activities related to international cooperation and developing environmental programs with volunteers.

Key Activities

  • Conservation of bird species, identifying the threats that cause this situation and proposing conservation measures to improve their status. 
  • Conservation of areas, identifying Important Bird Areas and developing monitoring programs of the conservation status of these areas; managing appropriate statutory, administrative or contractual plans for Natura 2000 network areas; participating in advisory councils and governing boards of the protected natural areas. 
  • Study of bird populations and migratory movements by bird ringing and technologies as geolocation and remote monitoring of birds. 
  • Conservation of wetlands and protected areas Natura 2000 water dependent. 
  • Contribution to the maintenance of nature-friendly agriculture practices, as well as for the sustainable development of rural areas working on land stewardship with owners and users.
  • Conservation of seabirds and their habitat, maintaining different lines of work related to those objectives: seabirds, threats and seas sustainability.
  • Climate change, working on an effective reduction of emissions through awareness, scientific study and political pressure and on implementing measures to adapt to climate change. 
  • Educational programs often supported by different public and private institutions.
  • Promote the ornithological tourism offering training tools and best practices information.

Recent Achievements

  • SEO / BirdLife was the first partner of BirdLife, with SPEA in Portugal, in identify the marine IBA. The first global inventory of marine IBA represents an important contribution to marine conservation and promises to be a key resource for meeting the objective of the CBD to protect 10% of our seas by 2020.
  • SEO / BirdLife launched in 2011 the MIGRA program, which uses technology for geolocation and remote monitoring of birds. Thanks to this program is not only known the breeding areas, but also the rest movements during wintering and migratory journeys on www.migraciondeaves.org.
  • Thanks to the new application launched by SEO / BirdLife, www.anillamientoseo.org, millions of data accumulated by ornithologists for 60 years are now available for the scientific and public community to encourage the study of birds and ecosystems and to contribute to the dissemination of this knowledge.
  • The first European Day of Natura 2000 Network, a pioneering initiative in Europe led by SEO/BirdLife within the framework of the Life + Enable Natura Network 2000, was held on May 21 in Spain. Citizens, schoolchildren, businesses, NGO and political parties, public figures, European Union's environmental unit, all international and national SEO / BirdLife family and EFE Agency enabled that Natura 2000 Network has celebrated its first day.
  • SEO/BirdLife has been closely related in the process for the election and support of the new BirdLife International representative in Morocco. Officialy announced in the BirdLife International World Congress in Ottawa (Canada), GREPOM (Research Group for the Protection of Birds in Morocco) is the latest member of the largest network of associations for the nature conservation in the world.

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