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Mission of the Organisation

There has been no BirdLife partner for this territory since 2009. Between 1995 and 2009 BirdLife was officially represented in Russia by the Russian Bird Conservation Union (RBCU).

At present there is no official BirdLife partner in Russia and BirdLife is working with several different organisations, in particular with RBCU and Birds Russia on different conservation projects.

The objectives of the BirdLife work in Russia are to support activities of different conservation NGOs across Russia which contribute to conservation of birds and biodiversity. We are also working to identify a future BirdLife Partner organisation in the country.

Key Activities

  • Implementation of the Important Bird Areas Program
  • Threatened Species conservation actions.
  • Education and awareness actions.
  • NGO capacity development.

Recent Achievements

The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, comprising more than 17 million square kilometres. The country plays the role of “planet scale reserve” having huge unattached areas including large parts of world’s important biomes - tundra, boreal forest and steppe. Russia provides vital nesting, breeding, moulting, wintering and staging grounds for 789 bird species, of those 661 breed in the country. Russia is home for 29 globally threatened species, with 9 species breeding only in Russia. The Important Bird Areas (IBA) network in Russia, identified by RBCU between 1994 and 2009 includes over 770 sites and covers some 970,000 km2 (more than the size of France and Great Britain combined). Data on these sites are presented in 5 international, 4 national and some local reviews as well as on the websites of BirdLife International and RBCU and are widely used for conservation purposes. Further information on these sites can be found on the RBCU website using the links below.





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