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Romanian Ornithological Society (SOR) / BirdLife Romania

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Founded in 1990
1100 members
Staff: 20
Bd. Hristo Botev, Bucureşti, RO, 030231
Tel. +40 31 4255657; Fax +40 31 4255656

Mission of the organisation

SOR is working to protect and study Romanian biodiversity with a particular focus on wild bird species and their habitats.

Key Activities

  • Monitoring programs: Common Bird Monitoring, International Waterbird Count, breeding roller population, great bustard presence in Romania, white stork population and more.
  • Field conservation work on birds (Red-breasted goose, Dalmatian pelican, Saker falcon, Imperial eagle, Lesser kestrel) and habitats (Danube Islands, European Biologically Important Forests, Lower Prut Floodplain Natural Park, Dumbraviţa Fishing Complex, „Pike Lake” Nature reserve etc.);
  • Identifying, designating and promoting of Romanian IBAs and lobby work for their designation as SPAs (so far about 70% of these IBAs are officially declared SPAs under the EC Birds Directive);
  • Advocacy work with national and regional governments and institutions (regarding the protection of Natura 2000 site, the hunting activities, the agricultural practices, the wind farms development, the sustainable use of natural resources etc.).
  • Running public awareness and environmental education programs, promoting knowledge of birds, their life, and support for nature protection for positive attitude towards wild birds and nature.

Recent Achievements

Each year, SOR organises several ornithological camps, one of them especially for pupils and students. SOR published the firs Romanian Bird Guide, with help from RSPB and other sources. SOR is responsible for reviving the Romanian National Bird Day, on the 1st of April, and celebrating it each and every year. SOR is a constant presence in the online enviroment: it has the best bird site regarding Romanian birds and the most dynamic Facebook page.

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