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Polish Society for the Protection of Birds (OTOP)

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Founded in 1991
Members: 804
Staff: 37
ul. Odrowaza 24, Marki, PL, 05-270
Tel. +48 22 761 82 05; Fax +48 22 761 90 51

Mission of the organisation

  • to protect birds and their habitats
  • to estabilish and manage new bird reserves
  • to lobby local authorities for the promotion and protection of Important Bird Areas
  • to promote knowledge of birds and their life
  • to prevent human activities which harm nature
  • to support nature-friendly land-use
  • to support research for bird protection
  • to support the birdwatching movement

Key Activities


  • Important Bird Area (IBA) conservation programme
  • Karsiborska Kepa: a long-term program to maintain the habitat of water birds, and Aquatic Warbler Beka protection programme
  • Campaign for the protection of the Vistula Valley
  • Campaign for the protection of the Bialowieza Primeval Forest


  • World Bird Watch: an event for all OTOP's members. 20 new members joined OTOP
  • Local meeting of local OTOP groups


  • OTOP Bird School: 20 participants from all over Poland
  • Ptakolub: 150 minutes during the year of the magazine program on Polish Television, Channel One


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