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Norwegian Ornithological Society (NOF)

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Founded in 1957
9500 members
Staff: 10
Sandgata 30 B, Trondheim, NO, N-7012
Tel. +47 7384 1640; Fax +47 7384 1641

Mission of the organisation

To protect nature, and especially fauna relating to birds, and to constitute a link between people interested in birds in Norway.

Key Activities

  • Protection of bird habitats
  • Running conservation-related projects on several threatened and near-threatened birds species both within Norway and abroad
  • Public information on the significance of protecting birds
  • Publishing membership magazines

Recent Achievements

  • Through lobbying brought about a change in legislation to stop the spring hunting of ducks in Finnmark
  • Intervened in plans to build a bridge on an IBA and Ramsar site
  • Succeeded in getting a ban imposed to stop people visiting and disturbing migrating Lesser White-fronted Geese at Valdak Marshes IBA
  • Published a 40-page booklet on Wild Birds and Legislation in Norway that was distributed to all police offices and environmental management authorities in the country
  • Lobbied successfully to alter plans for construction of a road that would have cut across an important estuary for waterbirds
  • Carried out a major awareness campaign aimed at changing peoples' attitudes towards corvids; an information booklet about the ecological role of corvids was also published
  • Increased number of members by >60% in 2004-2005 due to new magazine focusing bird-feeding and nest-boxes
  • Hunting ban on the small and decreasing Norwegian population of Bean Geese
  • Mapping of migration routes and wintering sites of Lesser White-fronted Geese on the eastern migration route (through Russia, Kazakhstan and to Iraq)

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