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MME / BirdLife Hungary

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1974
8600 members
Staff: 35
Kolto, Budapest, HU, 1121
Tel. +36 1 275 62 47; Fax +36 1 275 62 67


MME is the leading non-profit, non-aligned (apolitical), charitable, nature conservation organisation in Hungary. The Society undertakes practical work to conserve Hungary's biodiversity based on sound scientific research. MME advocates effective conservation of birds and their habitats by government at a national and local level and supports this work through educational programmes and its membership, which is open to all who share its goals. MME works internationally as a member of the BirdLife International Partnership.


Key activities

• Conservation of endangered species (primarily birds, but other taxa such as reptiles, amphibians, mammals)

• Sustainable land and landscape use , wildlife-friendly farming

• Habitat and site protection (IBA/Natura 2000 programme)

• Awareness-raising, training and education

• Monitoring and Research

• Influencing the formulation of Nature Conservation Policy and advocacy

• Collaboration with stakeholders

• Development of international bird conservation activities in the framework of BirdLife International

• Increase MME’s awareness, acceptance and its support


Recent achievements:

Our society has achieved considerable success in the conservation of endangered species such as the Imperial Eagle, Saker, Red-footed Falcon and the Great Bustard. Our nature protection activities and the favourable change of the habitats helped the increase the population of numerous endangered bird species, saving a few from extinction in Hungary.

From the beginning we participated in the extension of site protection; in the designation of the new protected areas and national parks, moreover the EU ecological network and Natura 2000 areas in Hungary.

Our Monitoring Centre, operated since the early 1990s is unique and it has a constantly updated database about bird populations and its changes. This monitoring activity covers the whole territory of Hungary, and includes several schemes like the Common Bird Census, National Raptor Monitoring Scheme. Most recently the mapping of the distribution of amphibians and reptiles in Hungary has started.

We put emphasis on the youth education in terms of nature conservation and development of the public’s interest. Our educational publications and our own books contribute effectively to raise awareness of our conservation objectives and help to inform the public about our achievements.

We are acting in harmony with BirdLife International’s objectives, strategy and principles as the BirdLife partner in Hungary.

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