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Macedonia – Macedonian Ecological Society (MES)

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Founded in 1972
Members: 119
Staff: 15
ul. Vladimir Nazor 10, Skopje, MK, 1000
Office: Tel. +389 (0)2 2402 773; Fax: +389 (0)2 2402 774

The Mission 

Advance the science of ecology, the protection of the environment and biological diversity as well as to promote ecologically justified use of natural resources.

The vision 

See Macedonia as a society in which ecology as a science and a practice is on a high level, where economical growth rests on the principles of sustainability and standards for environmental protection are at the same level as the European Union.

Key Activities

  • Promoting ecology as a science;
  • Protection and improvement of the environment;
  • Raising environmental awareness and improving environmental education and
  • Promoting the sustainable development principle.

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