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Liechtenstein - Botanisch-Zoologische Gesellschaft (BZG)

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in 1970
200 members
Im Bretscha 22, Schaan, Fürstentum, LI, FL-9494
Tel. +423 232 48 19; Fax +423 233 28 19

Mission of the Organisation

We aim to protect birds, fauna and flora and their habitats through public awareness. We organize excursions, provide information and performances. We offer comments and views on the legislation relating to nature in Liechtenstein.

Key Activities

Scientific studies, the protection of nature, public appearances, encouraging young people in the conservation of nature.

Recent Achievements

  • Published an annual report in Berichte on the protection of important flora and fauna in our region.
  • Assisted  in the successful reintroduction of White Stork in Liechtenstein where the species has not bred for over 100 years.
  • Assisted in the protection of an important area for fauna and flora.

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