Kyrgyzstan - Nature Kyrgyzstan

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in: 2002
Members: 100
Staff: 22
Address: Ul. Tabatshnaja 24, Bishkek, KG, 720011
Tel/Fax: Tel.+Fax +996 312 482220
Email: nabu-kirgistan@infotel.kg
Web: wildlife.kg


Mission of the organisation

To study and conserve biodiversity in montane and desert habitats of Tian-Shan and adjacent areas

Key Activities

  • Monitoring of birds in the country
  • Updating the birds (vertebrates) checklist of Kyrgyzstan by running monitoring programme, www.wildlife.kg to include observations
  • Determination and description of IBAs
  • Establishment of new “private” reserves in cooperation with the local authorities and local populations / land users
  • Providing the action of “Bird of the year” (initiated by NABS in 2005 for the whole central Asian region)
  • Improve public awareness for bird conservation, especially among young people, through special 1-day programmes in schools and our own evironmental education centre in Bishkek
  • Running our own environmental education centre in Bishkek for special workshops about bird conservation with key stakeholders (officials, teachers, farmers, herders)
  • Fighting against poaching of threatened birds, confiscation, releasing birds back into the nature in NABS own rehabilitation centre
  • Running own rehabilitation and wildlife protection centres for further environmental education work

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