Europe and Central Asia

Kazakhstan - Association for the Conservation of Biodiversity of Kazakhstan (ACBK)

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Founded in 2003
160 members
Staff: 34
Beibitshilik 18, Astana, KZ, 020000
Tel.+Fax +7 (727) 265-39-85

Mission of the organisation

  • To ensure the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity of Kazakhstan
  • To engage and actively inform people on biodiversity importance for the future generations
  • To improve biodiversity research and monitoring methods 
  • To develop and assist local nature conservation groups and student clubs

Key Activities

  • Development and implementation of the projects aimed at conservation of important wildlife areas, including IBAs
  • Studying biology and status of populations of key animal species, development and implementation of Action plans for their conservation
  • Lobbing improvement of the conservation policy in Kazakhstan
  • Raising awareness of national and international public on conservation issues and the importance of Kazakhstan for the global biodiversity conservation agenda
  • Extension of ACBK network with the priority of establishing new branches and conservation groups in the most important regions

Recent Achievements

ACBK has completed IBA inventory which is used for strategic planning for sites conservation and monitoring activities and species work (Sociable Lapwing, Lesser White-fronted Goose, Red-breasted Goose, White-headed Duck). ACBK is leading a successful steppe conservation and research program (Altyn Dala Conservation Initiative) in cooperation with Government, RSPB, and Frankfurt Zoological Society to ensure effective protection of globally important ecosystems and species with the focus on globally threatened Saiga antelope, to improve awareness and communities engagement activities, to set up systemic monitoring of key species and habitats, strengthen Protected Areas network and capacity.    

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