Israel - Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in: 1956
Members: 40000
Staff: 400
Address: Hanegev 2 , Tel-Aviv, IL, 66186
Tel/Fax: Tel. +972 3 638 8750; Fax +972 3 689 603
Email: ioc@inter.net.il
Web: www.natureisrael.org/


Recent Achievements

  • Began a three-year project, funded by the Israel Electric Company and the European Community LIFE funds, monitoring birds of prey, particularly populations of threatened species.
  • For the 20th year in succession monitored the autumn migration of soaring birds.
  • Completed the first phase of research on the Lesser Kestrel and put into effect the action plan for the species.
  • Completed mapping of wintering sites for Greater Spotted and Imperial Eagles.
  • In the Hula Valley, developed a management plan to deal with agricultural conflicts and Common Cranes, and continued to liaise with landowners over plans to develop the area for the tourist industry.
  • Succeeded in securing the conservation of a large area of salt pans, the last Nubian Nightjar breeding site in the country, which was being drained.
  • Developed plans with Kibbutz Kfar Rupin for a joint birdwatching centre in the Beit Shean Valley.

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