Georgian Centre for the Conservation of Wildlife (GCCW)

BirdLife Partner Designate

Founded in: 1994
Staff: 14
Address: 5 Melashvili Street, Batumi, GE, 6000
Tel/Fax: Tel. +995 558 217706; Fax +995 (32) 595082


Mission of the organisation

To encourages biodiversity conservation in Georgia by promoting sustainable development policies and adaptive management strategies in the country. This shall be achieved by:

  1. Applying the modern achievements of conservation biology to natural resources management and biodiversity conservation practices and policies
  2. Carrying out studies, conservation actions and educational activities
  3. Assisting relevant institutions (government, non-government and community based organizations) in capacity building

Key Activities

  • Species conservation programs: Caucasian Grouse and other galliformes, Black and Griffon Vultures, Lammergeyer, Imperial Eagle and other raptors, Caucasian salamander and other amphibians
  • National IBA program development
  • Monitoring programs: migratory raptors, wintering water birds, and wildlife monitoring of large development projects
  • Assistance to the protected areas in bird monitoring capacity building
  • Conservation and sustainable management planning for wetlands and mountain ecosystems
  • Birdwatching promotion
  • Schools for Nature program: needs assessments, small grants for schools, provision of materials, establishment of wildlife clubs
  • Capacity building of community based organizations: trainings, small grants, institutional capacity building
  • Publishing: books, brochures, posters, and other printing materials on birds, nature and conservation
  • Promotion of transboundary cooperation in the Caucasus for biodiversity conservation
  • Policy and advocacy: participation in the national biodiversity strategy and policy developments, biodiversity assessments

Recent Achievements

  • Secured funding for long-term program for Caucasian Grouse conservation
  • Conducted vulture studies using modern satellite technologies
  • Initiated development of national action plans for endangered bird and amphibian species
  • Developed and initiated IBA program in the Caucasus in collaboration with BirdLife European Division Office, and Azerbaijan, Armenian and Turkish Partners
  • As a result of advocacy and public awareness raising activities conducted during last years by GCCW, bird conservation actions and IBA program are presented widely in the National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) (February 19, 2005), an important national policy document
  • Conducted wildlife monitoring of the BTC and SCP pipelines construction in Georgia
  • Launched a project to prepare high quality guide-book on birds of Georgia
  • Produced or completed several books: Raptors and Owls of GeorgiaBirds of Kolkheti WetlandsBirding Guide to Georgia,Caucasian GrouseWildlife History of the Caucasus,Threatened Birds of Georgia
  • Assisted Kolkheti and Borjomi-Kharagauli National Parks in development of bird monitoring activities
  • Initiated a project to establish Nature Conservation Center in Tbilisi with biodiversity interpretation programs, workshop and conference facilities and regular journal on nature of Georgia
  • Conducted regular "Bird of the Year" campaigns
  • Created a birdwatching tour-operator firm and initiated largescale international marketing to promote birdwatching in Georgia
  • Initiated Schools for Natureprogram with diverse activities promoting nature conservation through formal education, including national curriculum development
  • Launched 8 locally-based associated organizations all over Georgia and continued their capacity building
  • Increased membership to 3,000