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Finland - BirdLife Suomi

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Founded in 1974
11000 members
Staff: 9
Annankatu, Helsinki, FI, FI-00100
Tel. +358 9 4135 3300; Fax +358 9 4135 3322


Mission of the organisation

BirdLife Finland is an organisation of 30 Finnish bird societies. It aims to promote bird watching, bird research and the protection of birds, their habitats and biological diversity. The member societies of BirdLife Finland have over 9,000 members. Guided bird-watching tours, education and other activities are participated in by tens of thousands of bird and nature enthusiasts. The bird conservation work of BirdLife Finland is based on sound information about birds and the state of their habitats. Scientists and birdwatchers gather this information. BirdLife Finland's strength lies in the member societies and their active birdwatchers. Broad international connections ensure obtaining information from the world's leading bird specialists. Projects and legislative recommendations are based on a high level of scientific research.

Key Activities

  • Development of national action plans for nationally threatened species
  • Annual "Bird of the Year" project to collect information on threatened species and promote a wider general interest in birds and bird conservation
  • Promoting bird census projects in Finland
  • Co-ordinating bird data collecting in Finland
  • Working for the protection of IBAs in Finland
  • Setting up IBA and FINIBA (nationally Important bird areas) caretaker network
  • Taking part in LIFE-projects in Finland
  • Influencing decisions on spring hunting and other faults of hunting
  • Lobbying for forest conservation and for farmland birds in Finland
  • Fundraising for both national and international projects

Other main activities

  • Arranging a number of national events focusing on bird-watching, e.g. the annual "Battle of towers" taking place at birdwatching towers around the country and getting thousands of people involved and large media coverage
  • Supporting the 30 member societies in organisational and conservation work
  • Promoting birdwatching through a voluntary bird-guide network
  • Promoting birdwatching through work with young people
  • Publishing Ornis Fennica journal, Linnut magazine, Linnutyearbook and Tiira membership magazine

Recent Achievements

  • Produced several national action plans for threatened birds
  • Recent "Bird of the year" projects are: Lesser Black-backed Gull (2003), Whooper Swan (2004), Bittern and Marsh Harrier (2005)
  • After years of lobbying, most of the IBAs in Finland are now protected
  • Published a book identifying and presenting all 411 nationally important bird areas (FINIBA) in 2002
  • Began a project for collecting data on the Bean Goose
  • Fundraising and co-ordinating of a three-year agri-environment project in the Baltic States
  • Published a guide on farmland birds for Finnish farmers in 2005
  • Chair Organisation and Founder of the BirdLife Forest Task Force since 2001
  • Publication A Comprehensive Conservation Programme for Finland’s Forests in the 21st Century (in Finnish with English summaries and figure texts) in 2003
  • Published a forest management guide for Finnish forest owners in 2004
  • Development of new scientific method for identifying and finding High Conservation Value Forests
  • Taking part in the Lesser Black-backed Gull conservation project in Uganda
  • Providing financing for a White-winged Flufftail conservation project in Ethiopia

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