Faroese Ornithological Society

BirdLife Affiliate

Founded in: 1984
Members: 210
Address: Postboks 1230, FO-110, Tórshavn, FO
Tel/Fax: Tel. +298 352320; Fax +298 352321
Email: ffff@kallnet.fo
Web: www.faroenature.net


Mission of the organisation

Bird watching and protection of birdlife.

Key Activities


Recent Achievements

  • Continued with an active ringing programme, particularly of seabirds including numbers of auks, gulls, storm-petrels and skuas and continued to monitor seabirds, particularly Guillemot, Gannet and Kittiwake populations
  • Carried on research into contamination of Puffins and auks by feather lice

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