Estonian Ornithological Society (EOS)

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Founded in: 1921
Members: 500
Staff: 6
Address: Veski 4, Tartu, EE, EE-51005
Tel/Fax: Tel. +372 7 422 195; Fax +372 7 422 180
Email: eoy@eoy.ee
Web: www.eoy.ee


Mission of the organisation

To protect and study birds and to spread knowledge of birds and their protection to the general public.

Key Activities

  • New Estonian Breeding Bird Atlas
  • Diversity of agricultural landscapes and farmland birds
  • Monitoring of various species
  • Natura 2000 and Special Protection Areas (SPA)
  • Publishing and spreading materials to the general public
  • Working with membership
  • Bird of the Year campaigns
  • Aiming to increase membership

Recent Achievements

  • Producing a new national inventory on IBAs of European Union importance in Estonia
  • 600 ha of coastal meadows restored and maintainedLocated new nests of the Greater Spotted Eagle. The national total now stands at five pairs
  • New LIFE-Nature project (2004-2008) on arrangements of Spotted Eagles and Black Stork conservation in Estonia startedlist of candidate Special Protection Areas (SPA) for Natura 2000 network compiled and submitted to the Estonian Ministry of Environment
  • Prepared and implemented a National Action Plan for the globally threatened Greater Spotted Eagle (VU) and Great Snipe (NT)
  • Organised a workshop on the IBAs Caretakers Network and started the development of the network
  • Organised highly successful members' summer camp

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