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Belarus - BirdLife Belarus (APB)

BirdLife Partner

Founded in 1985
2700 members
Staff: 18
P.O. Box 306, Minsk, BY, BY-220050
Tel. +375 17 263 01 30; Fax +375 17 265 08 11


Mission of the organisation

Conservation of biological diversity for the benefit of the present and future generations and involvement of people in active nature protection activities.

Key Activities

  • Study and conservation of wild birds
  • Participation in restoration of populations of rare bird species, as well as species known to have been nest in the region previously
  • Participation in detecting, conservation and restoration of habitats important for birds
  • Involvement of people in practical activities aimed at conservation of wild bird species and their habitats; facilitating more active participation of the public in nature conservation activities
  • Facilitating the wise use of natural resources

Recent Achievements

  • A comprehensive management plan for Conservation of Fen Mire Biodiversity in Belarus signed by all stakeholders and approved by the Ministry of Environment
  • A number of the globally threatened Greater Spotted Eagle were located in Eastern Belarus
  • The syllabus of the Wildlife Belarus was published in the official journal of the Ministry of Education:Biology: Problems of teaching
  • The Save toads on the roads campaign was supported by APB. Early April, a camp was organised in Berezinsky reserve IBA, where students from Minsk and local children caught amphibia on one side of the Minsk-Vitebsk road and released them in safe places on the other side. Educational films and lectures in local schools followed
  • Bird ringing camps were organised in April and August in Turaw. T-shirts for participants at the August camp with APB and BirdLife logos produced
  • APB organised an action to rescue oiled Mute Swans in Minsk. The Minsk zoo, Minsk city committee of MNREP, and Minsk state light enterprise were involved. Newspapers and TV devoted many articles to the topic
  • A brochure First independent public report: Ecological problems in Belarus was produced

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