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Andorra - Associació per a la Defensa de la Natura (ADN)

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Founded in 1986
420 members
Baixa del Moli, num 5, 1r-1a, Andorra La Vella, AD, AD500
+376 866086


Mission of the organisation

  • The protection of the wildlife of Andorra
  • Concern about environmental damage

Key Activities

  • A breeding bird atlas
  • Field research on Andorra’s molluscs
  • Field research on the country’s census of the carnivorous Hirundo rustica census, second year


  • Courses, conferences, school lectures


  • Awareness campaigns, and direct action where applicable
  • Publicity
  • Liaison with local and external organisations


  • Research papers, posters, leaflets, field guides, CD Rom
  • Activities programme throughout the year
  • Voluntary practical assistance to environmental students


Recent Achievements

  • Hosted the annual meeting of conservation bodies from Spain, France and Andorra who are involved in saving the Lammergeier. A result of the meeting is that the Andorran Government will provide financial support for the programme
  • Reviewed the conservation measures taken for bird species as part of the work towards a breeding bird atlas
  • Prepared an Andorran Red Data list
  • Identified a total of seven IBAs, which together cover roughly 22% of the territory and 95% of the bird species found in Andorra
  • Continued to monitor the Lammergeier. An agreement between the government and ADN for the conservation of this species was ratified
  • Marked the Festival of European Birds with extensive media coverage, games, workshops and study groups for children

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