Our Partnership development work in Russia


The Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, comprising more than 17 million square kilometers. The country plays the role of “planet scale reserve” having huge unattached areas including great part of world important biomes - tundra, boreal forest and steppes. Russia provides vital nesting, breeding, moulting, wintering and staging grounds for 678 bird species of those 502 breed in the country. Russia is home for 29 globally threatened species, with 9 species breeding only in Russia. The Important Bird Areas (IBA) network in Russia includes over 700 territories and covers some 800,000 km2 (size of France and Great Britain together).

BirdLife Europe is working in Russia with different organisations, in particular with RBCU and Birds Russia on different conservation projects. Activities we support, also through BirdLife Partners, include:

  • Important Bird Areas Programme (identification, monitoring and protection)
  • Threatened Species conservation actions
  • Education and awareness actions
  • NGO capacity development

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