Our Partnership development work in the Caucasus


Caucasus is also a high nature value region where biodiversity conservation is left aside. It is also a crucial area to migratory birds that stop in Caucasus countries to eat and rest during their journey back to Europe and Africa. Supporting the protection of birds in the Caucasus is essential to the conservation of European birds, especially migratory ones. Supporting the protection of wildlife in general is just a question of responsibility.

In the Caucasus, BirdLife has Partners and Affiliates in Armenia (Armenian Society for the Protection of Birds, ASPB - BirdLife Affiliate), Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan Ornithological Society, AOS - BirdLife Partner Designate) and Georgia (Georgian Centre for the Conservation of Wildlife, GCCW - BirdLife Partner Designate). 

Through a large range of capacity building activities and mentoring, we have  supported the local organisations in data collection, identification and designation of protected areas, identification of direct and indirect threats on IBAs, advocacy and campaigning.


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