Our Partnership development work in the Balkans


The Balkans peninsula is a region home to a unique and rich wildlife. Due to weak economies and the wish to catch up Western European countries development, biodiversity conservation is not considered as a priority: no money or a very little is dedicated to protect biodiversity. Even worst, the development models, polluting and energy and land consuming are increasing biodiversity loss.

BirdLife has Partners and Affiliates in Greece (Hellenic Ornithological Society, HOS - BirdLife Partner), Bulgaria (Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, BSPB - BirdLife Partner), Turkey (Doga Dernegi - BirdLife Partner Designate) and Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Macedonian Ecological Society, MES) - BirdLife Affiliate).

BirdLife Europe has engaged also with organisations in Serbia (Bird Study and Protection Society of Serbia, BSPSS and League for Ornithological Action, LOA), Croatia (Association for Biological Research, BIOM),  Bosnia&Herzegovina (Naše ptice) and Montenegro (Center for Protection and Research of Birds of Montenegro, CZIP).

Through a large range of capacity building activities and mentoring, we have  supported the local organisations in data collection, identification and designation of protected areas, identification of direct and indirect threats on IBAs, advocacy and campaigning. A specific support has been given also to help these organisations sthenghtening their knowledge in EU legislation in order to assess and to align national legislation according to EU standard criteria.


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