Offering unique experiences on the ground

  • SPEA's (BirdLife in Portugal) conservation team in the Azores, composed with staff and volunteers

    BirdLife Europe offers to people that really want to do something concrete on the ground the opportunity of working with us for a determined time. We want to enable committed people to have unique conservation experiences and at the same time we believe that we contribute to create vocations.

    BirdLife Europe’s partners welcome volunteers and interns that want to contribute to our common mission in their fields and offices.

    Also some of our Partners run annual conservation camps, opened to anyone interested: BirdLife Malta organises two “illegal killing of birds” camps every year, one in spring and one in the autumn, when illegal hunting reaches peaks. Volunteers from across Europe join our Maltese conservationists during two weeks to monitor and report illegal killing cases. In Italy, LIPU (BirdLife in Italy) organises every year a conservation camp also on the same concept, focusing in particular on “illegal poaching”.

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