UPDATE: over 866,000 birds slaughtered so far this autumn in Cyprus! - Sign the petition to stop this now!

By BirdLife.Cyprus, Thu, 13/10/2011 - 08:42

Disastrously, the number of birds killed on limesticks and in mist nets in Cyprus this autumn is increasing sharply, reaching over 860,000 by October 9th…and it is still growing. The rising death toll from this illegal and ecologically damaging activity is being tracked by BirdLife Cyprus’s field team and published on the BirdLife Cyprus website

In a bid to raise awareness about this growing problem, an on-line petition calls for immediate action from the responsible Cypriot Ministers.

The toll is estimated on the basis of field data from BirdLife’s ongoing field monitoring of trapping activity with mist nets and limesticks, part of a systematic surveillance programme. This latest estimate – 866,905 birds- represents the number of birds killed between Thursday 1st September and Sunday 9th October 2011.

The trappers are after Blackcaps and other songbirds, which will end up as illegal, and expensive, ambelopoulia delicacies served up in law-breaking restaurants, allowing the trappers to make huge profits.

The first estimate for the autumn 2011 season, posted on September 12th, was for almost 90,000 birds, but trapping has gained pace since then. The estimate will be updated every Monday until the end of October. So far- and many thanks to all the people who have supported our campaign so far – almost 10,000 people have signed.

“The trapping is out of control this autumn – we are witnessing a slaughter on a massive scale. The non-selective nature of nets and limesticks means that not just blackcaps and other warblers, but also nightjars, owls, shrikes, flycatchers and dozens of other species are being taken. Please help us put pressure on the authorities to re-double enforcement efforts and target the law-breaking restaurants serving ambelopoulia”, said Martin Hellicar, Campaigns Manager of BirdLife Cyprus.

If you have not already signed the petition please do and please spread the word.

To see the initial article on this please click here or visit www.birdlifecyprus.org.

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scandaleux! protéger d'un côté et voir le massacre de l'autre est révoltant. Il faut que ça cesse!

Stop this senseless killing of our beautiful birds


Assassins de la Nature, méfiez-vous que Dame Nature ne se retourne contre vous !...


Just when you think that man is progressing, then you hear something like this. Man is the only animal that shits in his own nest, and in this case, he is shitting in everyone elses. Makes me want to throw up.

inadmissible nowadays ! what savages !!

Disaster! What else to say! STOP IT !!!

i thought Cyprus was in the EU and not a 3th world country?

Establishments like restaurants and hotels where birds are served as gourmet dishes should be penalized, and tourists should protest! IN FINLAND IT IS ILLEGAL TO ALLOW CATS ROAM FREE IN THE CITY STREETS BECAUSE THEY MIGHT CATCH WILD BIRDS, as no-one else bothers the birds!

chypre = country of most birds destruction for free with ignorance and so bad thing!! go eat the ass as your mother .... and go dead to hell for eternity ...

stop this cruelty now

I am appalled-- this is totally mad. Cannot believe the greed and indifference on the part of those individuals involved in this atrocious treatment of nature's wonders. Please STOP!

I'm vegan because of the right of living for all creatures great and small. So stop killing animals and enjoy their being.

We have srong laws tp protect birds in Switzerland and Europe. And then on the way to ther winterplaces ignoring people catch and kill birds for 33,4,5 gramms of meat. How stuped! They could earn much more money ba showing this wonderful creatures to the poeple and share the happyness of birdwatching. Boycot cyprian oliveoil, bur also italian, egyptian, tunesian... and so on... Show them an other way of live!

i am just totally shattered by theses pictures theses beautiful birds being slaughtered for one reason because they have always done it . what are theses people going slaughter next when all the birds are gone .shame on cyprus shame on there government . dont buy anything from them dont go there on holiday

It is time to stop this killing of our birds.Unbelieveble in this time.

Disaster!! STOP IT PLEASE!!!

Honte aux chypriotes qui ne respectent pas la nature . Arrêtez le massacre. STOP

Honteux CE MASSACRE ! C'est vrai ça ne donne pas envie d'aller à Chypre

Die waanzinnige aanslag op de natuur moet stoppen !!!De Europeese Unie moet daar zéér dtringend werk van maken. Stop this birdkilling !!!

stop this nonsense.birds make this world beautiful

Just horrific! How can there still be such people in the world. All olive oil products from such countries are banned from use in our house.

It's a shame that people are still killing these beautiful creatures for fun. Please stop killing the birds!!!

How low can people go. What is wrong on this planet. The big wrong is PEOPLE who became evil!!!!


It is paramount to STOP IT today not tomorrow

Shocked and angry. Shame on you Cypiotes!Urgent actions needed to stop this madness.

What gives you the right?! Insanity breeds in Cyprus.


What a bloody catastrophy, but what can you expect from the Cypriots??

Unbelievable that the Cyprus are still allowing this to happen. We protect Birds in Northern Europe to allow Cyprus to kill them.

Does anyone know why the situation is deteriorating? I thought things were getting better. Clearly action needs to be taken quickly.

Pls try to stop this killing NOW !

On s'enfout des animaux .... pourvu que l'homme vive ... mais sans animaux l'homme cessera !!! Final solution ??

Sans animaux l'homme cessera .... Final solution !!!

Stop this senseless slaughter. I will tell many people about it.

I used to go there - never again until this stops!

Everyone should boycott Cyprus until they stop this barbaric practice.

No words or comment on such brutality. Don't go to that Middle Ages island.

Disaster!! STOP IT PLEASE!!!

Unbelievable for a so called "developped" country that's part of the European union. Stop this ecological disaster please!!!!!

Please stop this madness! (Yesterday, please!)

What a disaster... long live human stupidity !

This is just too mad! When does is it stop? Why can't we live in harmony with nature?

Please STOP this horrible slaughter of OUR birds Please keep them safe while they migrate through Cyprus

Disaster! What else to say! STOP IT PLEASE!!!

The people in the Shetlands, know that their island is an important place for small birds to rest on their long and amazing migrations.Shame on you, Cyprus!

Stop this meaningless killing

c'est véritablement une honte, c'est juste pour le plaisir de tuer alors que ces oiseaux nous donnent tant de joie au quotidien. Honte également pour ne pas faire appliquer la législation. Il faut que cela cesse immédiatement en effet ne serait-ce que pour le courage dont font preuves ces petits êtres vivants chantal


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