"The missing" visitors in Cyprus are not tourists but birds !

By BirdLife Europe, Fri, 29/07/2011 - 13:21
This short film on the trapping activity in Cyprus aims to explain how the situation of the birds in the country is getting more and more dramatic. A few weeks after the Conference on Illegal Killing of Birds which took place in Cyprus at the beginning of July 2011, BirdLife Cyprus published this video in order to create awareness of  the reality of the facts in the island.  

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Ban all prodacts from cyprus if not respect our birds.

I used to like visiting Cyprus. I doubt I shall go again. How are these people brought up with no love or respect for wildlife!

Absolutely disgusted that this barbaric activity is still going on. EU protection laws are obviously have little effect on these trappers. The men and women fighting to end this should be given the support and backing they need to meet their goal. Keep up the good work and your efforts will one day bring our bird populations back from the brink. Habitat loss in the UK has been the highlighted has the main reason for dwindling numbers but surely this Europe wide activity is a much greater problem. Sickening to watch but a film that every tourist in Cyprus should be made to watch when they arrive there on holiday.

I was coming there in cyprus as a tourist but now i cancell the holidy from there ans i go in other country where respect our birds

Time to trap the barbaric bird trappers and suspend them stretched from poles. Stores should stop selling birds in a jar and stiff fines assessed to any one selling birds for consumption in this manner. EU needs neotropical bird migration laws to protect birds that will stiffen the fines.

i went there on holiday once but wild horses wont drag me back to cruel island

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