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20 Mar 2013

BirdWatch Ireland exhibition in European Parliament: Nature creates prosperity

By BirdLife Europe

In the context of the Irish EU Presidency (January to June 2013) BirdWatch Ireland (BirdLife in Ireland) arranges a photo exhibition in the European Parliament in Brussels of iconic Irish birds in a way to promote the role of the Irish EU Presidency in securing our well-being, jobs and a sustainable future. Siobhan Egan at BirdWatch Ireland stated: ‘Our key message is to get public benefits for public goods. There is an alarming decline we’ve seen in some wild bird groups, and this decline really emphasizes the importance of getting the sectorial policy right’.

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The exhibition is generously supported by Irish Member of the European Parliament Nessa Childers (S&D Group, first picture on the left) and opens on 19 March. Nessa Childers stated: In times of great stress, I believe society must actually emphasize identity, cultural and social economy, not only focusing on business and investments. We need to talk about the type of society we want for our children’s future’. Ariel Brunner, Head of EU Policy at BirdLife Europe said in his address: ‘With the financial crisis, we have accumulated financial debt. We are also accumulating an ecological debt, which won’t go away without action. Nature is beautiful, it is inspiring, and keeping it beautiful and alive is our responsibility.’ Previously the exhibition has been on display at the European Commission Offices in Dublin. BirdLife Europe together with BirdWatch Ireland have produced a policy brief entitled Nature Creates Prosperity. It highlights the top recommendations to the Presidency, which focus on:

  • Better spending at the heart of the EU budget
  • A real LIFE-saver
  • Reforming the CAP for sustainable EU farming
  • Reforms to reverse the collapse at sea
  • Seabird by-catch action plan
  • Harmonised maritime spatial planning
  • Biofuels, food, land and the climate
  • Biomass, sustainability and climate impacts
  • 2020 Forest Strategy
  • 7th EAP, a blueprint for improving the implementation of EU law
  • Tackle aliens to halt biodiversity loss

At the end of the Presidency BirdLife Europe and BirdWatch Ireland will evaluate the successes and failures of Ireland on these top recommendations. 

Stichting BirdLife Europe gratefully acknowledges financial support from the European Commission. All content and opinions expressed on these pages are solely those of Stichting BirdLife Europe.