Europe and Central Asia
27 Oct 2017

The Bird Bulletin - vol. 16

By Gui-Xi Young

BirdLife presents ‘The Bird Bulletin’ – bringing you beak-sized updates from across Europe & Central Asia and beyond!


A VIEW TO A KILL – This week in Manila (The Philippines), at CMS COP 12, the BirdLife Partnership presented its latest publication on the illegal killing of birds in Europe – ‘The Killing 2.0 – A View to a Kill’. Read the introduction by BirdLife International’s CEO Patrizia Zurita right here.

The Future of Farming – On 21st November, join BirdLife Europe, EEB and NABU at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels as they present the results of their Fitness Check study of the EU’s Common Agricultural Farming. Registration is now open.

SEAL OF APPROVAL – Meet the two-day-old seal pup who survived 112kmh winds and a 7m Spring tide on Ramsay Island (South Wales) during #StormBrian. What a little hero! Read the blog.

Nature, at the click of a button – explore Natura 2000 sites across the EU from your living room with the European Environment Agency’s new ‘Natura 2000 Network Viewer’. You can even search sites by species!

“It’s a wild boar, by Toutatis!” – How well do you know your autumn wildlife? Take the fun Facebook quiz by LPO (BirdLife France).

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! – RSPB (BirdLife UK) get into the autumnal spirit by showing us how to make a ‘Halloween Pumpkin Bird Feeder’. It’s ghoulishly good! Watch the video.


That’s all for today’s Bird Bulletin – tune in next week for more cheeps, chirps and chatter.

Bye-bye birdies!


Gui-Xi Young - Editor & Campaigns Officer, BirdLife Europe & Central Asia

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