Europe and Central Asia
29 Sep 2017

The Bird Bulletin - vol. 15

By Gui-Xi Young

The Bird Bulletin – bringing you beak-sized updates from across Europe & Central Asia and beyond!


Vive La France! Vive L’Ortolan! The French Minister of Ecology has promised to end the trapping of Ortolan Bunting. The songbird has been long sought-after by culinary gourmands to prepare a dish in which the bird is cruelly blinded, fattened and drowned in Armagnac. Read more…

It’s a dog’s life – meet Kazakhstan’s newest security squad, a dog patrol taking the long ‘paw’ of the law to the seedy world of wildlife trafficking. Read more…

Taking seabird bycatch to task – since its launch in 2014, BirdLife’s Seabird Task Force has worked with fishermen to investigate solutions to seabird bycatch in fishing gears. Check out their blog to learn how the experiments have gone in the first three years. Read more…

Record-breaking birders – at the 27th Bird Race hosted by SVS/BirdLife Switzerland, 32 teams ‘raced’ to spot as many bird species as possible within 24hrs, raising funds for a new BirdLife Nature Centre at Klingnauer Dam. The winning team ‘Birders without Borders’ set a new record, spotting 141 different species. Read the results…

Are you ready for EuroBirdwatch 2017? – Our partners across Europe & Central Asia are gearing up hundreds of local events over one epic weekend of birdwatching during the spectacular autumn migration. With fun kids’ activities for kids, bird ringing and ornithological excursions, there really is something for everyone at #EuroBirdwatch


That’s all for today’s Bird Bulletin – tune in next week for more cheeps, chirps and chatter.

Bye bye birdies!


Gui-Xi Young - Editor & Campaigns Officer, BirdLife Europe & Central Asia

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