Europe and Central Asia
24 Nov 2017

The Bird Bulletin: Europe & Central Asia

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By Gui-Xi Young

The Bird Bulletin – bringing you beak-sized updates from across Europe & Central Asia and beyond.


One fine day in Poland… – BirdLife applauds the EU Court of Justice ruling that Poland is subject to a potential daily fine of €100,000 if they continue illegal logging in Europe’s last primeval forest, Białowieża.

...but why the wait? – This decision is inexplicably, long overdue. Ariel Brunner, Senior Head of EU Policy, warns “EU Member States cannot pick and choose those elements of the rule of law they like as if in a fast food diner. Poland must immediately stop contemptuously destroying Białowieża and the EU must immediately back up this reassuring court decision with action if one more tree is felled.” Read the press release.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED – This week’s #WildChallenge from RSPB (BirdLife UK) is ‘Make a hedgehog café’. Find out how you can help the hungry hogs and hoglets through their long winter migration. Read the blog.

NO to more slash and burn! – Over 30,000 people in Ireland have signed a Birdwatch Ireland petition against the Irish government’s heritage bill. The bill proposes changes to the Wildlife Act to allow for a nature-devastating increase in hedge cutting and burning. Read more.

Dark day for Europe’s seabirds – This week, the Fisheries committee of the European Parliament voted on the ‘Technical Measures Regulation’ in what BirdLife’s EU Marine Policy Officer, Bruna Campos, describes as its ‘worst vote’ ever. MEPs failed to take the necessary steps to tackle seabird bycatch in fishing gears and end overfishing. Read the press release.

JURASSIC PARK… – On Tuesday, amongst the dinosaur skeletons of Brussels’ Natural History Museum, BirdLife launched its shadow Fitness Check of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Read the press release.

….starring Agrisaurus Rex – The scientific study, commissioned together with NABU (BirdLife Germany) and the European Environmental Bureau, assessed 450 peer-reviewed papers and concluded that the CAP is “not fit for purpose”. Turns out there was a real live dinosaur in the museum…the CAP! Follow the debate on twitter.


That’s all for today’s Bird Bulletin – tune in next week for more cheeps, chirps and chatter.

Bye bye birdies!


Gui-Xi Young - Editor and Campaigns Officer, BirdLife Europe & Central Asia

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