89,225 birds slaughtered…so far! - Sign the petition to stop it now!

By BirdLife.Cyprus, Wed, 14/09/2011 - 08:47
BirdLife Cyprus reveals online bird trapping death toll counter for the current autumn migration BirdLife Cyprus has just published online (www.birdlifecyprus.org) an estimated death toll from the illegal bird trapping taking place in Cyprus during this autumn migration season. The toll has been estimated on the basis of field data from BirdLife’s ongoing field monitoring of trapping activity with mist nets and limesticks, part of a systematic surveillance programme. This first estimate -89,225 birds- represents the number of birds killed between Thursday 1st September and Sunday 11th September 2011. The estimate will be updated every Monday until the end of October. BirdLife Cyprus is posting this death toll on its website to highlight the urgency of the situation and as a call for action to halt this slaughter! “We estimate that, so far this autumn, some 89,000 birds have been killed illegally using mist nets and limesticks in Cyprus. We know that the autumn season is the main trapping period and this number is certain to get much bigger over the next 2 months, unless decisive action is taken now to back up enforcement efforts”, said Martin Hellicar, Campaigns Manager of BirdLife Cyprus. In July, the 'European Conference on Illegal Killing of Birds' that took place in Larnaca, concluded with a clear 'zero tolerance' message and an urgent call for appropriate measures to stop the bird slaughter. BirdLife Cyprus is now calling for words to be turned into action by all competent authorities at all levels. BirdLife Cyprus is once again calling for decisive action against the restaurants serving the trapped birds, for targeted enforcement against big, organised trapping operations and for tougher sentences for convicted trappers. In autumn 2010 BirdLife Cyprus estimated that 1.4 million birds were killed by trappers in the Famagusta and Larnaca Districts, an unprecedented death toll resulting in the highest trapping levels recorded since 2002, when BirdLife Cyprus begun its systematic monitoring of trapping activity. “Such levels of trapping constitute an ecological disaster. Non-selective trapping is taking place on a large scale to feed the demand for banned ambelopoulia delicacies. We want to communicate the scale of this slaughter to the generally indifferent public in order to make them more aware of the issue and its ecological impact”, Hellicar added. The details of the death toll estimation and the methodology can be found on BirdLife Cyprus’ website, together with information on why bird trapping with mist nets and limesticks is such a big ecological issue. TO SIGN THE PETITION PLEASE CLICK HERE!

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Laissez-les vivre !

We once considered moving to Cyprus, now we would never dream of doing so or even to go there for a holiday. I would also spread the word to family and friends to do the same. It is a barbaric practice illegal in the civilized world. Migrating birds have a God dam right to travel over country boarders to their nesting grounds without being slaughtered. This wicked practice has to be stopped, NOW. The children in the future will not see these wonderful creatures if it is to carry on. The Government in Cyprus should hang it's head in SHAME!!!! They should start by penalising the restrauants and hotels who sell these dishes. Making fines & taking away their licences etc.

Birds are not ours to kill. Stop this act!

I would NEVER go to either country as this, it seems, is something that we are promised is banned so it will stop - but never yet! It seems to me that it gets worse. How much longer can we enjoy our treasured birds if this is allowed to continue?! Birds fight for survival in the natural world throughout their short lives, no one has the right to shorten their lives even more so by committing such atrocious acts!

Signed the petition.

Veuillez faire appliquer l'interdiction de capturer les oiseaux migrateurs qui passent par l'île de Chypre. Merci, Alain Bollet

I was caming there in cyprus for a holliday but now i cancel the holliday from there and i go where respect our birds. BAN CYPRUS

For me and for all birders (I hope) Cyprus as well as Malta should be a no-go area. Go somewhere else for your holidays, some place where they respect bird life and nature! What's the situation like on the Turkish side?

Illegal bird trapping is a common problem for the whole Cyprus.As all of us know that there is no boundary for wild life.So why people obstacle benefit struggles for the Cyprus natural life excusing the political conditions?For this reason the natural life of our country Cyprus is being damaged deeply.For my opinion if we want to protect the wild life in Cyprus the official persons in "both sides" (I don't like to represent in this way)have to work together and this will be lead by the International Foundations.Thanks.

Bird Trapping is a common problem in the whole island of Cyprus.As all of us know that there is no boundary for the wild life.So that why people block the benefit struggles for the natural life excusing the political problems in Cyprus.The volunteers and the officials have to work together and this unified work must be lead by the International Foundations.I don't like to say north or south side of Cyprus because natural life has no Nationality.

Its true, i have seen how ruthless they are with shooting birds and animals on the island.

I have signed the petition and shared it to Google+, facebook and twitter for my fellow birder and conservationists friends to also sign. I agree with others here on a boycott of the countries involved tourist industries, but grassroots actions such as demonstrations and protests need to take place in these places too. Cindy, Australia

I hope this petition will help. Te illegal bird trapping must stop one day / must stop now! I pass this information in polish forum to sign the petition: http://www.bocianyzprzygodzic.pun.pl/viewtopic.php?pid=34639#p34639

I am all for the message "zero tolerance" for trapping and killing migrating birds! Everywhere - in Cyprus, but also on Malta, in France, Italy, countries of North Africa ... In Poland we protect birds, support them, help them, we do all efforts to make their life easier. They have nests here, they successfully raise their little ones and then they migrate. During migration many of them are killed. There is no consent to that! I spread the information on the possibility of signing the petition. I am sure many Poles will sign it. We demand: STOP BIRDS SLAUGTER NOW! In Cyprus and everywhere!

I Say ban Cyprus and Malta, from any Holidaying agenda. Disgusted with Both Countries, Maggie

Why kill these wonderful creatures,they need to live as we do STOP THIS ACT

Great country bad habits....if Spain can ban bull fighting....surely this Torture to birds can be stopped!!! close down the restaurants and set prison sentences and fines......

I'm so sorry to hear about this brutality, How can these people be so cruel to animals and be so happy about what they do, What are they going to leave for there children and generations to come? These people do not love there children or anything in this world, They are born to destroy this world and leave nothing to there kids, If Bird slaughter continues like this Will the future generations ever see birds in the sky?

I Say ban Cyprus and Malta, Finland (Eider killing), Norway and Japan (Whale hunting) and other country's who kill animals for 'fun' from any Holidaying agenda. Disgusted with these Countries, Carlo Wijnen, Holland

I sincerely hope this petition will help to make a difference!

Stop all holidays to Cyprus that will make the government think again

arrêtons le massacre.

anyone concerned should head for the canary islands or if you must go to the med corfu or great are good places to visit also write to your mep and see what they can do about the bird slaughter

good on you benny if everyone followed your example the goverment would soon get the killing stopped

I was there many times for holidays and i never heard about it, I would realy think twice next time, I m sharing it and continue the chain in 2013! We have to fight against this! Save the birds!

I think this is disgusting and horrible. The area should be a no go area for the protection of the birds. Stop this slaughter it is unnecessary.

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