Legally Binding Agreement on Forests in Europe

    Forest Europe, the Ministerial Conference on the Protection of Forests in Europe comprising of 46 countries and the EU, announced its decision of producing a Legally Binding Agreement on Forests (LBA-f) in Europe, in June 2011, to legally support the sustainable management of Europe’s forests.

    BirdLife Europe welcomed the concept of the LBA-f as a common legal basis for the protection and management of Europe’s forests, but at the same time said that it would only support a text that ensures multi-functionality, long-term sustainability and the protection of biodiversity.

    BirdLife Europe advocates an agreement involving all the relevant stakeholders and incorporating well-defined and countable indicators and a monitoring scheme. To ensure effective sustainability, those will have to be in line with the new EU Forest Strategy and the 2020 Biodiversity Strategy targets, such as halting the deterioration of forest species status, or restoring degraded forest ecosystems.

    The LBA-f will also have to comprise sustainable criteria for the production and consumption of forest biomass, so biomass energy will contribute to climate change mitigation without reducing forest ecosystem services.

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