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    Every year spring and in autumn, when birds migrate from and to Africa, BirdLife Partners in Europe and Central Asia organise birdwatch events and activities in the frame of BirdLife's project Spring Alive and EurobirWatch.

    Certain annual birdwatching events are getting very famous, attracting not only bird lovers but also more and more tourists. It is for isntance the case for the Sagres Bird festival taking place every year during the first weekend of October, when the birds cross the Gibraltar Detroit, passing above Algarve (South Portugal). The combination of numerous rare migratory bird species, sun, boat trips and good atmosphere makes this festival a success, appreciated not only by experts but also by lambda tourists.

    Other birdwatching events, bird festivals or bird fairs are organised across Europe and Central Asia all along the year. Events don’t need to be spectacular or about extraordinary birds to attract people: among the most famous activities our members organise to raise people interest in birds, garden birdwatching, that consists in recognizing, counting and reporting birds seen in people’s garden is a very appreciated one.

    • Spring Alive 

      The Spring Alive project is a simple birdwatching survey. Thanks to children and adults all around Europe we are able to track the spring arrival every year. Participation is very simple and can be a great fun. All you need to do is register your first birds sightings on-line every year. Find more information on Spring Alive's website.
    • EurobirdWatch

      EuroBirdwatch is BirdLife's annual festival of events which invites all citizen members from all over Europe to get out, observe, explore and enjoy birds.

      Find more information on Eurobirdwatch.


  • Local Empowerment section

    Sagres Bird Festival

    Sagres is one of the most interesting places for birdwatching in Portugal. Every year several thousands birds fill the skies in this region and attract hundreds of enthusiasts who purposely go to observe and photograph the different species.
    More details on the Sagres Festival 2012.

    Garden Birdwatching

    All along the year BirdLife Partners in Europe and Central Asia organise Garden BirdWatching events. Everyone interested can participate to these surveys by watching the birds in their gardens and reporting them to a website. It help us find out what the common birds are in a territory at a certain period of the year. Read about the RSPB (BirdLife in the UK) Big Garden BirdWatching Event. 

    School participating to the RSPB's Big Garden BirdWatching 2013

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