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Spring Alive

Working in partnership together HeidelbergCement and BirdLife are continually breaking new ground for the conservation of biodiversity. Please click below to read about monthly highlights from the partnership, events like the Quarry Life Awards, and biodiversity topics related to the extraction industry.
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Spot the birds News 26 January 2021
2020 was an unusual year with many unexpected events taking place beyond our control, but something that did not change was the spectacular phenomena of millions of birds taking to the skies to migrate between their summer and wintering grounds.
European bee eater (Merops apiaster)
Are you the next winner of the Quarry Life Award? News 22 July 2021
HeidelbergCement has just launched the 5th edition of the Quarry Life Award.
Indian Quarries attract birds News 16 July 2020
In a recent study 117 bird species, six of which are endemic to the subcontinent, were recorded in four HeidelbergCement quarries in India. The scientific field survey that was conducted in the first week of January 2020 was spearheaded by Birdlife International along with local partner the Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS).
Spring Alive is here: how HeidelbergCement educates children on the wonders of nature News 18 June 2020
With summer unfolding as we’d expect, with buds maturing and  timid flowers awakening, how exciting to hear the sounds of returning migratory birds signalling the magnificent cycles of nature and season that anchor us all. And yet, all is not well, not as it should be.
Female Blackcap
Birding in confinement: discover a new world from your window News 6 May 2020
For those in the northern hemisphere, spring is unfolding all around, flowers are blooming, and we wake in the morning to melodious birdsong. This season also marks the return of migratory birds, which are arriving in great numbers to find suitable habitats to breed and raise their young. It’s a beautiful thing to see.
HeidelbergCement on track to meet ambitious CO2 targets News 17 May 2019
We note with pleasure that just this week our partner in protecting biodiversity, HeidelbergCement, set another milestone in their commitment to sustainability. Following a rigorous scientific assessment, Heidelberg’s C02 reduction targets for 2030 have measured up to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) 
Spring Alive has extra bounce for 2019 News 23 April 2019
In partnership with BirdLife International, HeidelbergCement is sponsoring the 2019 season of the enduring Spring Alive project. Now in its 13th year, the project reaches out to children, their teacher
The Quarry Life Award News 20 February 2019
In December, BirdLife’s CEO, Patricia Zurita, attended HeidebergCement’s fourth Quarry Life Award ceremony – a contest to inspire school children, graduate students and researchers to find new and innovative ways to boost biodiversity in quarries.
BirdLife & HeidelbergCement renew partnership Basic page 21 August 2018
BirdLife & HeidelbergCement renew partnershipEnhancing biodiversity is at the core of the renewed relationship between BirdLife International and HeidelbergCement.
The Quarry Life Award 2016: HeidelbergCement honours international projects that promote biodiversity News 12 December 2016
On 8 December, the winners of the International Quarry Life Award were presented in the BEL Conference Centre in Brussels...
The best of both worlds: a joint statement from HeidelbergCement & BirdLife News 22 September 2016
If politics is, as they say, ‘the art of the possible’, then the HeidelbergCement-BirdLife partnership has very good news for the European Commission.

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